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I got a lot of ideas. Actually, my life is run basically on ideas. I breathe with ideas and drowned in them, sail with them and most probably will die with them.

I started off as a self-learn clothing designer and after 8 years of struggling to get by, I decided to switch to jewelries instead. I was dead poor and making jewelries felt expensive at that time; now I can still sincerely say that this is one of the most expensive hobbies I have known. I think I have spent millions in making my ideas come true – and in the end I was always left unsatisfied and came up with another idea to work on.

I do a lot of sketching – this has been my habit ever since I was small. Being someone with dyspraxia didn’t stop me. I have problems in spatial awareness and I cannot imagine something in 3D; thus I cannot draw in 3D. I didn’t stop because of that lacking, instead I started to play with colors to get the 3D effects that I wanted, and it has been my ultimate weapon ever since. And so, sketching was always accompanied by shading for me. I learned to love colors since long ago, and even to date, everything colorful has always mesmerized me.


…. when you are stressed out, do some coloring, they said … it will relaxed you, they said … I stopped doing coloring because I turned ambitious and couldn’t sleep. Had my best friend didn’t stop me, I would’ve colored the background too. *Well, off you go coloring books … back to jewelries, LOL*

Most of the times, to me delivering my ideas in sketches are more important that the execution itself. I felt that if I don’t sketch it, I will forget about it. I got about 5 sketchbooks and only half of my jewelries reflected the sketched work. That is why I said previously that running out of ideas is basically impossible, especially when you got nothing to look forward to except making your ideas come true.

A couple of years ago, when I was still doing my clothing design, a cousin of mine saw my work and said that in his opinion, it would be better for me to keep the sketch “original”, i.e not to use AutoCAD or Corel Draw, but to use pencils and papers instead. I was not agreeing with his idea at that time because I believed in efficiency, but after a while I found a new love for that pencil and paper, and decided to buy sketchbooks instead of software and touch pens.


Sketches made my work felt humane and I have found a heap of benefits from sketching.

  1. My work becomes traceable. I can always leave it be if my mood for it drops, and can continue where I left off without confusion.
  2. No more going astray. Sketch a pendant and a pendant it shall be. Don’t want it to be a pendant? Then modify the sketch without wasting resources. I can modify my sketch many times and ended up with one, or two or even three expansions of the design.
  3. Idea bank. Now you know why I almost never run out of ideas. I save the ideas for later times and when I don’t feel like obeying my own sketch, I will just expand it into another idea while keeping the original one intact.
  4. Production efficiency. I can make technical specifications from my sketch, measure the amount of wires needed, estimate the amount of crystals needed, and do the design according to the stone’s shapes and sizes. This will benefit me should I need to deploy my ideas to other people/workers.
  5. Trial and errors on paper, not on resources. Sure, there are occasions when I need to test my ideas on wires, but that always means that I can draw it first and then imagine it before I actually test it on the materials.
  6. I can study my own progress. My drawings are not that good but I can see the development of the lines and concept, and how my mood shifts from one thing to another … it is indeed a journey of its own.

My sketchbook feels more like a graphic jewelry diary and although I don’t invest a lot of time in making details, I invested enough time to draw the outline and plan.

… and perhaps uploading my ideas is not such a good move, but I don’t really care. I want to live free as an artist and anyway, there’s that thing called Instagram with time stamp. If I were to prove that I am the first to come up with the idea, that is.

But then again, I don’t think it’s going to happen. There’s nothing new under the sun after all.

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A happy wife, mother of two amazing sons, half-born spiritualist, gems lover, Tarotier, translator by day and jewelry artist by night. I enjoy life as it goes.

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