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I can’t believe myself – that I have been NOT attending to this blog for almost a year and when I came back, I didn’t like what I see at all.

I had this ideal vision – that people can actually shop here and feel comfortable with it. And I like the idea of an online gallery – something that you just can browse and read through your busy life, and adding a small shop that would make people be able to buy my artwork eventually sounds cool.

Let’s start over.


“Key To My Heart” – a past work (2014) commissioned by a dear friend who fell in love with the London Blue Topaz right after I post the gem’s pic on Facebook

I am a jewelry artist. My medium are wires – my favorite is fine and sterling silver wires. I am not that fond of gold wires and I got cold sweat handling them; a matter of perspective I must say but nonetheless the price of the medium still send jitters to my nerves. I like doing jewelries also from electrical wires – coiled dynamo wires to be exact, and you will see some of the work here.

I am a Deviant. I have an active account (DreamsOfGems) in DeviantArt and you can read about my rants and my visions and dreams there. I am also on Facebook, you can visit my personal page Maria Renata and my Facebook Page DreamsOfGems. I am also a translator – I have another blog here in WordPress but I write in Indonesian there so you English-speaking people have to literally struggle to read it, so I am not going to link it to this site. My Instagram is ALSO dreamsofgems.

And then you would ask …. why that name over and over?


This was my first jewelry work in 2008, posted in Multiply. I found the free pattern on some Russian site (I forgot which) and decided to make it to compliment my Kebaya.

DreamsOfGems was born out of a confusion. Once I had this site in Multiply (yeah, remember that site? Closed down long ago) and when I was about to name the blog, the song “Don’t Dream It’s Over” occurred to me. My life was about that – not wanting anything to be over. So I titled the blog “Don’t Dream It’s Over”. And when I started doing jewelries I was thinking about another title that is still connected to dreams, and so “Dreams Of Gems” was born – because in the course of becoming a jewelry artist, I have found my long lost love for gemstones.

I DO love gems. I love looking at them, I love collecting them, making jewelries out of them, and it broke my heart to see gems being dyed. I don’t mind radiations and other color enhancements but dyes have been my worst enemy so far. I am not a gemstone expert – you will read some of my opinions here about gemstones but basically they are just …. basics. I don’t fret about fakes


This year I have discovered a profound love for orange color. This is an orange sapphire – one of the few that I have in my stash.

and synthetics and don’t call them trash. For me, identifying the genuine from the fakes has been the greatest challenge in dealing with gems, but I have been better during the last year even though I made small mistakes from time to time.

To me everything is beautiful as long as it is being handled with care and love. I chose this medium because I can express myself freely without any constraints on molds and fire. I have been meaning to study more about metalsmithing but found myself reluctant to touch that subject.

From this day on I promise to write more. I will post some of my Work In Progress and also my views on stuff, some free tutorials and hopefully a lot more. I am building this site with a gallery in mind so I hope I can entertain you with more photos.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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A happy wife, mother of two amazing sons, half-born spiritualist, gems lover, Tarotier, translator by day and jewelry artist by night. I enjoy life as it goes.

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