Seven Of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 1

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I have been planning to write about this bangle for a long time, but I never got round to it. To make the story short, this piece was meant to be a challenge for my group, SRAJD (Self-Representing Artists in Jewelry Design). I joined this group in mid 2016 with the intention to learn about selling online. And it was a worthy decision indeed.

Anyway, the challenge theme was to make a piece based on a fictional character. I swore I was going to grab my “usual” princesses and queens theme, when suddenly I felt that the theme was becoming too easy for me.

Back then I was crazy about Star Trek: Voyager series. I am actually a Star Trek fan but it never occurred to me one bit that I would make something based on one of the characters there. As time passed by I grew tired of my princess and queen ideas, and started to think about making something for someone in Star Trek. My choices were not limited but after considering Deanna Troi (who actually looks like a princess – and I dismissed that idea almost immediately), I was wondering whether or not I can make something for Seven of Nine. How hard can it be? I like her a lot, she looks cool and beautiful (well sort of, considering that she had so many Borg elements attached to her), so … why the hell not?

Turned out that it was quite a struggle.

First, designing it was a struggle. I had to watch her very closely during my Star Trek sessions, and then I had to decide what stone that would depict her best. I finally chose a huge dark blue labradorite to represent her style.

Yeap, it did drive me crazy (the challenge). The second step was the wire, and I chose Steel Blue wire from ParaWire. Oh my friends had doubts about this wire. The color is a drab, the whole thing represented a bleak future – at least according to one of my wire artist friend. But I decided to gamble with it. And so the journey to make this design come true continued.

So far, so good. I found that my wire-weaving was too harsh for the wire and they started to peel off on the edges. I was devastated but then I remembered that I could oxidize the peeled sections to make it less conspicuous. So I continued with a prayer that I can actually oxidize this wire because believe me I never did much of oxidation in my life.

Again, there were some suggestions that I should add some sort of bling on to this bracelet. Hell, no! Seven of Nine grew up in space and I think she would look at the bling with disgust, LOL. This is that particular moment when no bling was needed. I was relying solely on the flash of the labradorite to make this whole design came to life.

This was the final look before I went to my workshop and oxidize it. I forgot to scrub the whole thing clean so it took a while before the oxidation took over the white spots on the bangle. But I must say that despite of my treatment, the coating really held on to the wires and they didn’t come apart just like that. I was very satisfied with this wire (and eventually bought other colors, LOL).

Seven of Nine bangle bracelet received many praises the day the challenge was posted on my group’s blog. I felt so relieved and quite convinced that this will not be my last design for the Borgs. The bangle has medium weight but comfortable to wear. I even wore it for a whole day and didn’t even realize that I was wearing it until one of the tentacles gently nudged the back of my hand as I was mending my handbag.

You can see Seven of Nine and the full background story of the piece here.

Seven Of Nine_2.JPG

Seven Of Nine bangle bracelet: blue flash labradorite on steel blue Parawire®

I was hoping to make another one for the Borg Queen later. Well, that’s an idea for later 🙂

Edit: on May 2017 Seven of Nine was nominated to receive Inacraft Awards in Indonesia. The bangle did not make the cut but I was proud because it was handpicked from a number of jewelries because of its “futuristic” look. 

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