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Ideas and Just Ideas

I got a lot of ideas. Actually, my life is run basically on ideas. I breathe with ideas and drowned in them, sail with them and most probably will die with them. I started off as a self-learn clothing designer and after 8 years of […]

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Reviewing 2015

I started this jewelry thing as a hobby, I never thought that this would carry me everywhere and I ended up paying and getting so much more. I am not a person who is shy of fame. I like being famous but I have to […]

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Past Works

I have been involved in jewelry making since 2008 but back then I never consider the art as my true media. I was going to be a fashion designer at first but along the way I found that making jewelries are far more rewarding for […]

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Hello from DreamsOfGems

My name is Maria Renata and I am a professional wire jewelry artist. Recently I have moved to a new hosting so that I can manage my website better. This is my main gallery and this is where I sum up my whole jewelry artwork. […]

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