Texas, 1998

This is the last pendant I made in 2010 – and after that I entered a series of failures until I decided to take a long hiatus until 2012. Why Texas? I got the stones from the Alamo. I had a very good opportunity to visit the United States back in 1998, escorting my mom to attend my brother’s graduation in UT at Austin. I love the USA and every bit part of it – still do, too bad that perhaps now it won’t be so easy for me to get a visa to visit there.

I still remember the dry summer air and how my lungs felt so free of the humidity. My brother took us to see the Alamo and they got this cool 5 bucks all-you-can take stones. I think those are really precious tumblers, ha ha. I made a pendant out of it and it was sold to another friend.
I will always remember Texas … the only place where I can eat like a pig and lost 5 kgs in just two weeks, LOL.

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