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This is a necklace that I made for my Facebook group’s challenge titled ‘The sea and its creatures’. The initial idea was to make a rock-like platform where turtles and sea creatures rest. Butas the deadline shifted closer, I grew tired of the idea. Sounded so bogus and not real. But I only got one week left.

The stone was given by a close friend of mine. She didn’t say anything about it except that she thought it would make a great jewelry. When I looked at it, suddenly I realized that the stone’s shape and pattern resembles a

Then I revised my design, and started to make the fish ‘real’

I only got three more days left and the rest of the design was conjured up in a great hurry. I decided to change the position of the fish and then found a heap of gunmetal wires that I haven’t used, along with synthetic gems on the wire ends. Why the hell not?

And so the jewelry was finished in just three days.

The response towards this work was great. It was an innovative piece of jewelry for me and I was proud. I posted this on Facebook on July but never bothered to take the ‘serious’photo until much much later, to post it on my other home,  which is DeviantArt.

In DeviantArt, the best thing that I could ever get is a Daily Deviation, a 24-hours of fame when my work gets to be displayed for a full day on the front page of the site. But it never occurred to me that someone would actually suggested this piece to be on the Daily Deviation page.

Last Thursday, suddenly I had the urge to check DeviantArt and found that this work was promoted to the Daily Deviation page for Thursday.

I was… Shocked. I cried. Everyone was congratulating me and I didn’t know what to say. The one who suggested the Daily deviation was a friend,  a new friend whom I just chatted with the day before.

And so Up and Ascending was sitting on the front page of my beloved home for 24 hours and I was so damn proud

This jewelry pieces taught me a lesson about staying true to yourself and do what you believe to be the best that you love. I have plenty of friends that would tell me that my jewelry is beautiful but I would never believe them because I had thought of myself as less than that. Other people make better stuff than I do.

But apparently it is more than suffice to say that

what you love will eventually bring you to the place where you want to be.

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A happy wife, mother of two amazing sons, half-born spiritualist, gems lover, Tarotier, translator by day and jewelry artist by night. I enjoy life as it goes.

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