… You Can’t Run Out of Ideas …


… because that is actually impossible.

Ideas are pieces of thoughts constantly produced by our brain every time we receive stimulants. Ideas are generally the same as inspirations but inspirations would be the main point that triggers the whole creative process while ideas leads to a set course of actions.


Ideas and inspirations are not bound by anything but the situation and the attitude of oneself regarding them. For instance, if you are constantly being spoon fed then you wouldn’t know how to use a spoon, let alone think about a number of creative ways to use a spoon. But on the other hand, people who are used to eat by themselves would not run out of ideas on how to use a spoon. Perhaps they couldn’t thought of any at first – but it is just because they haven’t thought about it yet. The situation and attitude challenged them to develop ideas and inspirations on how to creatively use a spoon – when they want to and need to, and eventually that development spreads everywhere into anything that is seemingly limitless. But that wouldn’t be the case for the people who are being spoon fed and don’t want to break out from that situation – the lengthy learning of trying to eat by themselves alone discouraged them and soon enough they would return to their usual spoon-feeding habit (a.k.a their comfort zone – better to be spoon fed than hungry).

Running out of ideas/inspirations are actually impossible for artists as long as we keep on receiving stimulants and keep on working our brains in turning them into ideas. Challenging our minds is the same like trying to use that spoon to eat a bowl of spaghetti – you failed, you stumbled, half of the spaghetti could wind up on your table and on your face … but that is the journey. And that journey requires time, effort, and sometimes a chip of your sanity. And hell, there was never a sure thing. You can either succeed or be hungry.

And then .. there’s the spoon fed artists (not only plagiators). They are the kind of artists who needs to be constantly spoon fed by other artists’ work. They constantly seek “inspirations” from Pinterest and other photo collection sites and copied the works because they said they “ran out of ideas”. Or because a customer demanded something similar and they needed the money. And they said that the other artists’ work were their “stimulants” – some actually believe that making a copy (without consulting and asking for permissions) and then call it an “inspired” piece from the original artist’s work is the same as processing stimulants, when in fact there is no challenging process in it – all they needed to do was to stare at the pics and start copying. There is no need to struggle with anything or give anything away, not even time. They just need to justified their reasons and thus everything becomes doable (including stealing) and the conscience plus self-worth can very well go to hell. They can save time; they don’t need to fail, to stumble, and perhaps feel that they won’t ever be stuck because they can always “harvest” another idea from Instagram or Pinterest. They just need to open their mouth and the food will go right in.


We all need to be spoon fed at some points in our lives but the spoon fed artists don’t want to move out from that comfort zone. I don’t know what’s wrong with them but ever since I met this kind of artists, I start to heavily questioned about their diligence in brain challenging. There are so so many stimulants in this world but they choose to stick to the comfort zone and use other people’s ideas instead. So yeah, for these kinds of artists, I guess ideas do ran out. The moment when they can’t harvest anymore will be the doomsday of all spoon fed artists – even though I have no idea when it is going to happen. No idea yet.

I still got tons of ideas in my pocket and I don’t think that they will run out any time soon. Probably I will die first before materializing all of them. I am not going to poke on the plagiators’ nerves (when perhaps I already did) but I am not going to just stand by and wait for them to copy yet another set of ideas that I am working on.

I don’t run out of ideas. I can’t – it is impossible because I am still alive and breathing.

And yes, I still have my conscience and my self-worth is still intact.


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